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Seasonal Tips

Turning a Greener Leaf!

Welcome to our Seasonal Topic Page where we share tips to help with upcoming landscaping tasks.

Spring is here!! Woo hoo! Now is the time to spruce up your yard. So put on your yard-work clothes, sun block lotion, gardening gloves and a great attitude.

Now is the time to remove the weeds growing in your planter areas. Remove your weeds using your favorite hoe. If you have a large space in the back yard, you may need to use a weed-eater. However, don’t forget to wear your safety protection gear such as ear protection and eye protection. In addition, we suggest being extra careful when using the weed-eater around people and windows. Make sure no one is closer than 25 feet when using the weed-eater. Once you have weeds out of the way, till the soil in your planter areas to add new flowering plants (perennials, annuals, succulents, etc.). We also recommend adding mulch to help retain water moisture and reduce watering. Plus, mulch also helps in weed control.

If you are planning to get your lawn ready, you will need to aerate the lawn areas (usually during the months of March and April). You will need to make sure the irrigation to the lawn is working properly. Once you have the irrigation working, if your lawn needs to be re-seeded, now is the time to do so. Apply the proper lawn seed, whether it is for shade or sunny areas or a bit of both. There are selective lawn seed for specific areas.  

After applying the seed, make sure to fertilize the lawns with a 20-5-10 fertilizer mix. There are a variety of fertilizer brands out there. Make sure it is a slow-release fertilizer. This will expand the longevity of the fertilizer effect.

Now that you have worked so hard outdoors, you will need to wipe the sweat off you head, sip on a drink of your choice and enjoy the fruits of your labor and say “AAhh…, I earned this”!

We will be offering more tips as we approach different seasons. In the meantime, take time to stop and smell the roses and enjoy your outdoor creations.  

Until next time.

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